Who are we?

InDiTec is a young, dynamic and with a firm belief in innovation, which focuses on IT consulting, Web Design and Technology. We offer solutions capable of satisfying the needs of small and large companies. The fundamental objective of the company is to provide quality service to its customers both in identifying needs and in the resolution and monitoring. The implementation of innovative and customized solutions, using appropriate technology and following the methodologies of work more efficient, to achieve these objectives without neglecting other criteria such as cost or profitability. Our business strategy is based on offering business solutions, and custom, thus becoming "partners" of any technology company. Ultimately, organizations can be unaware of their computer systems to be sure that their investments in this field is the most streamlined and profitable.


With a InDiTec team characterized by its high technical skills, his deep understanding of technology and its expertise in the sector. Taken together form a group that provides significant competitive advantage, lower risk, better results and, thanks to the adaptation of new techniques of work, lower costs.
Also, training is a constant concern. At present, and within a sector in continuous change, requires a strong effort to recycle and upgrade the skills of professionals. Through continuous improvements in the knowledge management systems, enhance the capacity for innovation, flexibility and learning from our staff.